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203 West Jefferies Street, SC 29341 - See map  
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Contemporary & Classical Dance Training for Kids, Teenagers, & Adults.

  • Ballet
  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop
  • Clogging
  • Tap
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The studio will be closed due to inclement weather in our area on Thursday, January 18th





Summer series workshops:           June 13- Tap, June 22- Jazz, July 13-Contemporary and Tap, July 20th- Jazz and Contemporary, July 27- Ballet and Hip Hop, August 5-Tap

July 17th-19th: Combo Camp 



Dancers Corner

2017 USA National Amateur Jr Clogging Champions- Southern Jewels Diamond 

2017 USA National Amateur Sr Clogging Champions- Southern Jewels Platinum 

2017 USA National Jr Clogging Champions- Southern Jewels Onyx 

2017 USA National Sr Clogging Champions-TNC Elite 

2017 USA National Solo Clogging Champion - Lilly Peer 

2017 USA National Duo Clogging Champion- Erika Quinn and Anna Joy Hulsey